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Sarah is Co-Founder & Managing Partner of The Billion Dollar Fund for Women/ Beyond The Billion, a global consortium of over 90 venture capital funds that have now pledged to and are actively deploying beyond US$1Bn to be invested into women-founded companies. Today, she works with limited partner investors to diversify their portfolio through venture as a returns strategy.



Sarah sits on multiple boards including 131 & counting, a bipartisan effort to fete the unprecedented number of women serving in the House and Senate, to encourage more women to run for office in the United States; and Lean In Malaysia, which she co-founded, recognized as the voice of credibility for professional women issues in Malaysia, boasting beyond 7,000 women within the network, bringing more women back into the workforce, accelerating women in leadership.



Based in Washington DC, Sarah Chen is Co-Founder of Beyond The Billion (previously known as The Billion Dollar Fund for Women), a global consortium of over 90 venture funds and limited partner investors that have pledged to invest beyond $1 billion towards women-founded companies. To date, the consortium boasts 6 female-founded unicorns. Previously, she was on the pioneer team of a corporate venture capital unit within $13Bn publicly traded Asian conglomerate, investing in later-stage biotechnology companies.