Career Tips: Stepping Up At Work

Does it feel like you’re doing all the right things, and yet still not getting ahead in your career? A few thoughts for stepping up at work, below!

1. Take the initiative—how can you go above your job description? How can you show leadership even if it’s not expected of you? Remember you can show leadership – no matter how small you think your task is.

2. Remember to always have your team’s back! My mother used to say to me – if you have nothing constructive to say, keep it to yourself. Feedback is important and channel that directly to help others improve, but do that behind closed doors, not airing it in      public. Always make your team, and your boss look good by your words, actions, and loyalty.

3. Don’t come to the boss—or to colleagues—with a problem unless you’re ready to present one or more possible solutions.

4. Build relationships throughout the organization. Going the extra mile is important – and be sincere about this. Treat everyone with respect—your boss, coworkers, vendors, clients, and managers.

5. Keep track of your accomplishments, big and small. Hold on to emails and texts of praise for your work. When it’s time for your review, make sure to cite all that are pertinent. Because if you don’t speak up for yourself, who will? That’s an important point – don’t expect anyone else to speak up for you and your accomplishments!

What has worked for you?

december 15, 2019 SARAH CHEN articles