sarah chen


Based in Washington DC, Sarah Chen is Co-Founder of Beyond The Billion (previously known as The Billion Dollar Fund for Women), a global consortium of over 90 venture funds and limited partner investors that have pledged to invest beyond $1 billion towards women-founded companies. To date, the consortium boasts 6 female-founded unicorns. Previously, she was on the pioneer team of a corporate venture capital unit within $13Bn publicly traded Asian conglomerate, investing in later-stage biotechnology companies.

Determined to see more women at the helm, she sits on multiple boards, including 131 & Counting, a bipartisan effort to fete the unprecedented number of women serving in the House and Senate, encouraging more women to run for office in the US; and Lean In Malaysia, which she co-founded, a platform accelerating women into leadership in Muslim- majority Malaysia. Named Forbes Under 30 VC and Young Global Leader of the World Economic Forum, Chen is a recognized speaker, commentator and advisor on venture capital, innovation and women, having been featured on Forbes, Fortune, Bloomberg, Der Spiegel and at the United Nations, and is a celebrated host on the show and podcast #BillionDollarMoves. Sarah holds a Bachelor of Laws, LL.B (Hons.) from King’s College London.



My thesis is that women are the largest arbitrage opportunity in today’s world, representing 85% of consumer spending and 70% of household spending. What we like to call the “SHE economy” is worth $18 trillion globally, and yet less than 3% of all venture capital in the US (one of the more advanced markets) in 2019 went to female founders, despite clear outperformance: 2x revenues, higher retention rates.




I believe that redefining where capital is invested, by sharing knowledge and experitse – we can drive the SHE Economy and change the dynamics of the world we live in – to fuel the innovation we want to see in the world. For ambitious, welcome – and let’s learn together.