Sarah is a sought after media personality and thought leader in venture capital, innovation, and women in leadership, having been featured amongst others on Fortune, Forbes the Wall Street Journal and Der Spiegel.

Epitomizing style and substance, she is looked to as a role-model for millions of young professional women looking to rise to their potential. Ready to engage Sarah? Email us with your vision, budget, timeline and will get back to you.

From Montblanc to Cartier, Sarah has partnered with established brands that are mission-aligned, who believe that our future depends on women rising to their full potential. With an ever increasing reach across her social media platforms and media appearances, Sarah is a trusted voice among in particular, up-and-coming professional women. 


Depending on the need of your campaign, Sarah typically charges monthly packages or single-engagement fees. She does not accept product-only/in-kind sponsorships-only. 


Scroll to see some of her favorite shoots below, follow her on Instagram or LinkedIn, or tune in to her podcast #BillionDollarMoves.

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Ready to engage Sarah? Email us here, with your vision, budget and timeline and we will get back to you.

Sarah’s audience base while exhibit a similar theme differs per platform. 

– Top countries: Unites States (50%), Asia – Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia (30%), Europe – Germany, Italy, France (10%)

– Top age range: 25-34 (43%), 18-24 (22%), 35-44 (19%)

– Gender: 66% Female 34% Male

– User Profile: High income base, working professional – According to Chartable, Sarah’s podcast commands more than the average podcast, a listenership from a  > $250,000 US Household Income 

1. I need her to be on our premises for a shoot, where is she based?

Sarah is typically based in Washington D.C. but often travels to Asia where she is from. With enough notice, we are happy to plan an on-premise shoot. 


2. I need this next month! How can we make this work?

We hear you! Sarah is a professional that has been working with brands for years. With a reasonable budget, Sarah can organize photoshoots with your products shipped to her. Please send her clear directions for the outcome you’d like. Moodboards and storyboards welcome. 


3. I’m a new brand. Will Sarah work with us?

For new brands that are not completely recognizable names, Sarah will evaluate the brand based on the following criteria (she is a venture capitalist after all!):

– Purpose of brand 

– Scalability

– Alignment with her brand 


Please send alongwith your vision, budget, timeline, your one-pager on the product/business. If a consumer good product, it is expected that a trial period is factored in. 



Sarah is decked in coat and belt by Michael Kors, jewellery by De Beers and watch by Montblanc.
Sarah sits up straight in the fight for women empowerment in skirt by COS, shoes by Giuseppe Zanotti, earrings by Swarovski and watch by Montblanc
Chin up: Sarah is fearless in outfit by COS, jewellery by De Beers and shoes by Gucci.
Sarah Chen wearing the Michelle Dress in midnight blue by Bastet Noir

speaker & host

Named World Economic Forum Young Global Leader and Forbes 30 Under 30, she is a recognized speaker, commentator and advisor on venture capital, innovation and women, having been featured amongst others on Der Spiegel, the Wall Street Journal and Forbes.

Sarah is a compelling speaker and moderator, moderating challenging topics with Ministers, Senators and other corporate leaders, inspiring global audiences at the World Affairs Council America (DC), the Financial Alliance for Women Annual Summit (Paris), the World Bank THK Blended Finance Forum (Bali), the Asia PE-VC Summit (Singapore), Forbes Under 30 Summit (Hong Kong) et al. 



“Sarah Chen is such a dynamic, engaging speaker and she was the perfect opener for our stage at the April 2019 4GameChangers in Vienna, Austria. She truly has a strong presence, and her material truly resonated with our audience of senior technology leaders, entrepreneurs and investors, many of whom told us how inspired they were by her message on investing in women as a business strategy. In her lively, energizing session, Sarah provided clear tips – and most importantly, actionable suggestions – dreaming big, but starting small. Further, with her media background, she was a naturally enthusiastic guest on our talk shows and post-event interviews, ultimately scoring our event a full spread on Forbes – which gave us additional exposure!”

Nina Kaiser
Founder, 4GAMECHANGERS, Prosienbat 1 PULS GMBH

“Sarah is one-of-a-kind: her work in venture and women in leadership, her depth of knowledge in her areas of expertise, and ability to present an argument to a large international audience and immediately win them over, truly impressed us at the Goethe-Institut. Beyond being an excellent speaker, she was also an engaging facilitator at our Kultursymposium, a gathering of over 500 thought leaders from the world of science, culture, politics, economics and journalism. She has character, wit and presence – and is the speaker you’d want at your event.”

Daniel Göpfert
Goethe-Institut e.V.