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indra nooyi: the power of bringing your full self

“You might be President of PepsiCo. But when you enter this house, you’re the wife, you’re the daughter, you’re the daughter-in-law, you’re the mother. You’re all of that. Nobody else can take that place. So leave that damned crown in the garage. And don’t bring it into the house. You know I’ve never seen that crown.” This snippet may ring familiar to many in the corporate world— it certainly resonated with me as someone raised to assume the role of dutiful daughter, and an Asian woman climbing the ladder myself when I first heard it. Indeed, this was Indra Nooyi’s mother’s response to why at 10pm, Indra with important life-changing news of her career; was first, made to get a carton of milk instead of her husband.

jacinda ardern: you can lead

The full transcript of Jacinda’s valedictorian speech you need to read.

mellody hobson: the power of breaking the mold

From a child of a single mother that didn’t always make the rent on the South Side of Chicago, to her rise to the top of a $17 billion investment firm, to being the only current Black female to chair the board of a major Fortune 500 company and her marriage to Yoda’s creator, George Lucas—Mellody continues to break the mold. Her significant rise because, and not in spite of it, is why Mellody makes next on the list of #BillionDollarMoves we should all be learning from.

why investing in women is good business

We are seeing more women in leadership, more conversations on gender equality and of course, the #MeToo movement has made headlines and placed a spotlight on not just the  business community but on our humanity as a whole: raising questions about how we interact with another and what we condone. 

In my keynote at World Affairs Council America, I speak to why the time to unleash the power of women’s potential is now, and what we can all do to power the She-economy […]

finding alpha & CLOSING THE INVESTMENT GAP: women in global finance

At a critical juncture where investors are in search of sustainable returns amidst a pandemic, we explore the opportunity of investing in women across asset classes, and how these CIOs are finding alpha while closing the gender venture investment gap at Credit Suisse’s Global Women Financial Forum […]

fundraising while female

What does it take to fundraise and lead in your business? From taking on new investors to planning for success, we chat about the Asian perspective to fundraising, while female   […]

advancing women's entrepreneurship with google's women will

How are women making work, work across the globe? This session covers the inspiring stories of women building and scaling   […]

building for financial inclusion - what will it take for women to lead?

What will it take for us to reboot finance to build for inclusivity? Banking development in Asia, with a more focus on corporate lending, is leaving 800 million Asians without access to traditional banking. Meanwhile, innovations like mobile banking, crowdfunding and blockchain have radically transformed the way we shop, pay, even purchase insurance, making financial services more inclusive and purposeful. How can venture capital provide an alternative? […]

nevertheless: a special screening + discussion on sexual harassment in the workplace

In 2020, we tackled some hard topics including the fact that sexual harassment is a real hindrance to women in leadership. I brought the film Nevertheless to Asia, and this captures an important discussion of what we all need to do […]

Quick Motivational Thoughts for Career Women (HerWorld X Avon Campaign)

While we continue to rise to the top, we need to continue to scale ourselves. Together with Her World and Avon, Sarimah Ibrahim, Elaine Daly and myself team up to share some of our top tips!  […]

Career Tips: Stepping Up At Work

Does it feel like you’re doing all the right things, and yet still not getting ahead in your career? A few thoughts for stepping up at work, below! Take the initiative—how can you go above your job description? How can you show leadership even if it’s not expected of you? Remember you can show leadership […]

How To’s: Are you burning out? #career

With our busy life schedule and competing priorities, we often forget that while we are doing what we do, we are under stress. Not identifying the signs, ignoring the pressure and the side effects that come with it, can lead to us eventually, feeling completely overwhelmed. Beyond making existing problems worse, this can eventually lead […]

How To’s: 8 ways to avoid burnout at work

STRESSED OUT. We have all been in this situation, and I have lost count on how many times it has hit me. And I learned eventually, despite my stubbornness, that the best way to cope is by learning to surrender, to listen to my mind and body. Take 30 seconds from your busy schedule and […]

Career Tips: Passion vs Practicality?

Career Tips: How do you stay calm in chaos? (HerWorld X Avon Campaign)

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