Finding Greenlights in Life - Sarah Chen
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finding greenlights in life, making relationships work and more

I’ve been getting great feedback on my emails (thank you!) and am glad that this little bubble gives us a space to connect beyond the usual grind!

Truth is, I’ve always loved little nuggets to start the week (perhaps stemming from when my late father used to place little inspirational quote cards in my lunchbox), and wished there was someone to distill the wide sea of the internet for me. And so here we are. I’ve also always suffered from swirling thoughts in my head since I was a kid and selfishly, writing forces me to pause, and channel my thoughts. More than anything, I’ve enjoyed the process of it all and I’m honored to have the privilege of your time and attention for just a couple of minutes a week which hopefully, helps you think bigger and build bigger.

Which brings me again to this week’s top three, below!



(1) Greenlights in life

I’ve been digging into famous actor, Matthew McConaughey’s recent audio version of his book Greenlights this long weekend.

I never thought so deeply about what a ‘greenlight’ meant until tuning into Matthew’s apt description—just like how’d you react when the traffic lights turn green, a sign for ‘go’, the perfect timing where you need to accelerate forward, or potentially miss your chance.

Here are some of my favorite quotes from the book:

We cannot fully appreciate the light without the shadows. We have to be thrown off balance to find our footing. It’s better to jump than fall. And here I am.
If we stay and process within ourselves, in the joy of the doing, we will never choke at the finish line. Why? Because we’re not thinking of the finish line. We’re not looking at the clock. We’re not watching ourselves on the Jumbotron performing. We are performing in real time where the approach is the destination.

(2) The Price of Winning

Following Matthew’s call for us to focus on the process, the joy of the performance, I enjoyed this thread by Julie Zhuo on the price of winning. Have you made peace with the price of winning?


(3) This week’s #BillionDollarMoves feature: Making Relationships Work with Malaysian Power Couple behind Aerodyne Group (Ranked #2 Drone Solutions Provider Globally)

“When times get hard, hold on to your vision.
Remember why you started in the first place”



I’ve been blessed to have had amazing parents, who unbeknownst to me as a child, were role-modeling in many ways what true life partnership meant. That’s a story for another day, but naturally as I then went out into the world and realized that this was not the norm, I began my fascination of couples who continue to make it work while both, achieving their most ambitious goals. So I was of course, excited to have discovered this week’s featured guests on #BillionDollarMoves.

In a never-before like interview, we dive deep into the business of drones with the Malaysian power couple Kamarul A Muhamed and Azita Azizan who founded Aerodyne group, which is set to be the global leading provider of drone-based enterprise solutions, with over $30M raised, presence in over 35 countries, and over 350,000 assets inspected.


  • Why picking your co-founder is the most important choice you can make, the secret in choosing people to work with
  • What it takes to build a global footprint, can you expand too fast?
  • The future of drones and aerial robotics, should you be afraid?

Tune in now on the Tube

and catch it soon, wherever you get your podcasts:


What resonated with you from this week’s email? Would love to know.

Have a great week ahead—and chat more soon!

Keep playing it big.


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