Scaling Yourself As CEO with Kim Yao - Sarah Chen
Impact Investing, Impact Washing, Investment, Philanthropy
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We’ve heard a lot about scaling tactics for businesses, but have we paused to think about what it takes to scale ourselves as leaders at the helm? In this episode, Kim Yao, shares with us about how each chapter of her companies demanded different versions of her as a leader, and the future of ‘virtual’ or ‘ghost’ kitchens, i.e. delivery-only restaurants that proliferated during the pandemic and is set to be a $1 trillion industry by 2030.   3 things you’ll learn: – What it takes to scale yourself as a CEO? – The future of virtual kitchens and CloudEats taking a differentiated approacj – Staying ahead of the curve despite competition About Kim Kim is building the leading tech-powered food service ecosystem in Southeast Asia through digitally native restaurant brands and proprietary smart kitchen technology. By revolutionizing a massive yet traditional food service industry, her mission at CloudEats is to create the largest cloud restaurant group in the region, challenging brick and mortar heavyweights in F&B. With almost $14m in funding for CloudEats to date, Kim is known to have raised the largest amount of venture capital for a female Filipina led startup. She hopes to inspire female, underrepresented founders to keep dreaming big and work together to pave the way for more women entrepreneurs.